Austin Prete

Salt Lake City, UT
United States

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Software Engineer Intern

Proofpoint - Draper, UT

  • Worked closely with both the data science and engineering sides of the team to coordinate on projects ranging from machine learning classifiers to data ingestion systems, and auxiliary tools such as a data labeling tool.
  • Built a phishing URL classification system. This project was showcased to company executives and is being adapted for a company-wide system.
  • Took ownership of our internal data labeling UI, expanding it from a basic data labeling tool to a full-featured analysis tool for phishing websites used throughout the company.
  • Lead a team of interns in evaluating machine learning/data engineering tools to better streamline the team’s data pipeline.
  • Designed and implemented a tool that allowed data scientists to easily launch and track various cloud computing resources (EC2 instances, EMR clusters, etc.) in a standardized and reproducible manner.

Software Engineer (Predictive Team)

Radius Intelligence - San Francisco, CA

  • Built the initial version of a framework that allowed for time-series analysis of Salesforce CRM data. Additionally, I gave a presentation to the R&D team outlining the framework and showcasing the analyses possible with it.
  • Assisted in building out new functionality within the machine learning pipeline using Scala in combination with the Spark data-processing engine.
  • Utilized and managed large Spark clusters, both on AWS EMR and the Databricks platform.

Software Engineer

Radius Intelligence - San Francisco, CA

  • Wrote maintainable Python code to handle large file transfers from data vendors.
  • Developed, tested, and deployed web crawlers to collect information from various online sources.
  • Used Apache Spark to run transformations on large datasets (up to 1TB).

Software Engineer Intern

DrChrono - Mountain View, CA

  • Developed new features for drChrono’s online EHR (electronic health record) system using Python and Django.
  • Worked with the Swift programming language and the iOS development ecosystem to develop new features for an iOS patient portal application.
  • Learned Swift and iOS programming on the job to be able to work on their personal health record iOS application, Onpatient PHR.


BS in Computer Science

University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

GPA: 3.79

Coursework: Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Parallel Programming, Database Systems, Operating Systems, Programming Languages, Computer Security

Programming Skills

  Python, AWS (S3, EC2 & EMR)

  Java, Apache Spark, PostgreSQL/MySQL & Bash

  Scala, React, Docker, Kubernetes & scikit-learn


Music Production, Bioinformatics, Psychology, Snowboarding, Rock Climbing, Billiards